farmholiday in a bio resort near Mantua? With its beautiful environment and modern facilities, Le Sorgive prepared a perfect idea for your outdoor holidays to Lombardy.

The arc of rolling hills including southern shore of Lake Garda offers truly unique experience. Initially, tourists may be attracted by excursion holidays because of the local amusement parks or the beauty of Lombardy region, neighboring historical cities of Verona and Mantua.

The surprises begin upon arrival, when guests discover that towers, castles and historic villages can be seen from every hill, while a number of small natural lakes called “torbiere” and “mantelli” are hidden in the country bottomlands.

The territory around our farmhouse creates genuine bio oasis for holidays in the open air, Lombardy vineyards are alternated with cultivated fields and woodlands. Such variety together with rich natural and cultural heritage makes this location an interesting destination to be explored by feet, bike, car or horseback riding.

Different options allow you to discover the beautiful small orchards and travel to the local wineries for exquisite wine tasting. On horseback you can climb to the top of hills to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and the views of the mountains, just as Napoleon III did during the famous battle of Solferino.

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