Romantic getaway in Lombardy


For those looking to relax and share quality moments with their partner, an agriturismo provides the ideal ambience: immersed in nature and serenity, with a strong focus on well-being and harmony. A romantic getaway in Lombardy is the perfect solution.

Lombardy is adorned with numerous types of agriturismo and farms, presenting a wide range of gastronomic delights and traditional dishes. Additionally, there are plenty of attractions to explore, from amusement parks to some of Italy’s most charming villages, and, of course, the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Garda.

A romantic weekend at Agriturismo Le Sorgive in Solferino offers convenient access to coveted destinations like Lake Garda, or you can simply savour the offerings of our agriturismo.

Agriturismo Le Sorgive is nestled within a lush landscape in the province of Mantua, surrounded by a network of scenic trails suitable for hiking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding. Within the estate, an equestrian center awaits, offering well-organized excursions that unveil picturesque landscapes and charming villages.

During your romantic getaway in Solferino, Lombardy, you can also relish leisurely and rejuvenating bike tours. Our agriturismo provides a bike rental service for eco-friendly exploration of the nearby areas, allowing for custom-tailored excursions. Among the myriad of bike tours available, you can opt for journeys through the hills and castles, embark on the Tour of Mincio and Cascina Maddalena, or indulge in the Tour of Flavours.

For those seeking both physical and mental rejuvenation, our agriturismo offers an infrared sauna complete with ion therapy and chromotherapy. During the warmer months, you can take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

Located less than 1 kilometer from the agriturismo, a sports center provides tennis facilities for enthusiasts.

If you are in search of a romantic agriturismo near Lake Garda, we are the ideal choice for you. In a short journey, you can reach Italy’s most renowned lake and the enchanting villages and towns that adorn its shores. Here, an array of water sports activities awaits you. Additionally, no romantic getaway in Lombardy would be complete without a boat excursion surrounded by a truly enchanting scenery.

A romantic weekend at an agriturismo wouldn’t be complete without exceptional cuisine!

At our agriturismo, we extend a warm welcome with dishes that epitomize the Mantuan and Lombardian culinary traditions, meticulously crafted using genuine and, in many cases, organic ingredients. Our specialities embody organic principles not only in the ingredients themselves but also in the rigorous selection and preparation of raw materials, with special consideration for dietary sensitivities.

Indulge in regional cold cuts, handcrafted fresh pasta, Sbrisolona cake, and an array of other delicious offerings.

Moreover, our accommodations are thoughtfully appointed to ensure your utmost comfort, featuring Wi-Fi, private bathroom, toiletry sets, satellite TV, air conditioning, and a designated relaxation area.

When planning your romantic getaway in Lombardy, choose Le Sorgive in Solferino. Here, you will find all the comforts and services outlined above, complemented by a heartfelt hospitality that will make you feel right at home!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and book your next romantic getaway!

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