Agriturisms (farm holiday complexes) can’t exist without a farm and Le Sorgive & Le Volpi country house is located right in the center of one that covers 330,000 square meters of hillside that surrounds the old historical farm buildings.

As such, choices have had to be made in order to protect the natural resources and our heritage together with the enhancement of the human factor. This is done with ethical and sustainable competitiveness always in mind. This type of relationship with nature has led the owners over the years to transform the farm into a structure with low environmental impact.

The farm uses thermal power from renewable sources, a constructed wetland for waste treatment, a photovoltaic system, water-saving reducers, and low consumption lighting. We recycle and are certified as an organic farm by Bioagricert and IFOAM according to the EEC Regulations.
The transition from conventional farming to organic farming began in 1997, followed in 2001 by the installation of the plant biomass heater that only uses natural untreated plant cuttings which produces up to 150 KW of power.

Also of interest is the German constructed wetland system for waste treatment that protects the ground water from pollution for those that, like the majority of farms, aren’t connected to the public sewage system.

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